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The Lofoten Islands

Meet & Greet with the Gods

Lufthansa, Territory, Kolle Rebbe

There are 195 countries in the world. We travel to our favorite places, fly to beautiful beaches, take city breaks or visit new continents. But sometimes life takes us completely unprepared to life-changing places. Places that trigger something in us, places that touch us so much that they leave a lasting impression.

This multi-award-winning personality storytelling series for Lufthansa is about such places.

Lufthansa, Territory, Kolle Rebbe

Vincent Urban

Max Neumeier

Clemens Krueger

Destination Storytelling Campaign

I came here to do something different. and I know, I never wanna do anything else again.

Cold as Ice.

Personality storytelling, visually strong and captivating

This video is about a surf photographer from California who had enough of the make-believe world and bling bling. He was looking for something genuine. He was looking for a remote place. What he found was the complete opposite of Los Angeles. Icy cold, rough, wild, and untamed nature. And yet this place changed his life.

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This is Saigon