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This is Goa



W Hotels, The Westin Hotels & Marriott International

VOID™ VOYAGE developed and produced a destination marketing campaign in Goa. 450 years of Portuguese colonial history give the smallest Indian state an exceptional charm – modern cinematic storytelling for today’s traveler.

W Hotels, Westin Hotels, Marriott International

Executive Producer & Director
Richard Breitengraser

Producer & Fixer
Olivia Rudnitzky, Natasha Ravi

Tamain Zuch, Cory Martin, David Zamut

Destination Marketing Campaign

The Inside Story

Let’s Go Goa, Girls.

Spice up your vacay

Project Approach

One of the highest waterfalls in the world, abandoned forts, a beautiful coastline along the Indian Ocean, Palm Tree Roads, Sunrise Yoga, Inspiring Flea Markets, and Spice farms. Goa can literally be felt, smelled, and tasted.

The Portuguese charm of Goa, from 450 years of colonial times, can be felt everywhere and gives the smallest Indian state a truly unique flair. Our film aims to capture exactly that. It’s not about shooting a guidebook, it’s about authentically conveying the feel of modern Goa. Videos for digital channels that make people want to travel. Conceived and produced by VOID™ VOYAGE for W Hotels, The Westin Hotels, and Marriott International, this destination marketing campaign is designed to work worldwide, the challenge is to do it entirely without language and still tell a strong visual story.

Creative Approach

Discover Goa

Colonial charm meets contempory zeitgeist. Goa offers everything travelers want nowadays. Nature, adventure, beach, sea, inspiring places, good food, a lively city and a colorful nightlife. Capturing this mix while maintaining the authentic look & feel of Goa was the goal of our videos.

Project Scope

Concept to Content.

VOID™ VOYAGE creates and produces modern travel content & campaigns for all screens. For this destination marketing campaign for Marriott International, W Hotels and Westin Hotels, we created more than 80 content assets. These included various hero videos, hero images and social media cutdowns for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & Co

Our Services
Concept, Strategy, Creative, Content Creation, Production, Location & Talent Scouting

What is your story ?

Let’s do epic #GoosebumpsContent together. We create powerful visual bombs and tell your story. Modern, authentic and on a world-class cinematic level. We work closely with you to develop your video, content, storytelling and campaign strategy. We produce engaging and converting videos tailored to your target audience and channels. We’re your strategic sparring partner and creative speedboat. Ready to take off?

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