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This is Mexico City

From Taxes to Tacos.

Lufthansa, Territory, Kolle Rebbe

There are 195 countries in the world. We travel to our favorite places, fly to beautiful beaches, take city breaks or visit new continents. But sometimes life takes us completely unprepared to life-changing places. Places that trigger something in us, places that touch us so much that they leave a lasting impression.

This multi-award-winning personality storytelling series for Lufthansa is about such places.

Lufthansa, Territory, Kolle Rebbe

Vincent Urban

Max Neumeier

Clemens Krueger

Destination Storytelling Campaign

It opened my eyes and now I am living the life I feel called to live.

Future made by Flavors.

Personality storytelling, visually strong and captivating

Tax consultant in London, that was the predetermined goal. But there has to be something else, right? So Thomasina went on a journey. A short stop in Mexico turned into 8 years. During this time she discovered her love for flavors and spices. She learned cooking from scratch. What began as a vacation and a search for meaning in Mexico City ended with her own restaurant in London.

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This is Bangkok