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This is Saigon

The Ultimate Success Formula

For Marriott International, Sheraton Hotels, Le Méridien Hotels and Renaissance Hotels, VOID™ VOYAGE conceptualized and produced a Generation Z-focused destination marketing campaign in Ho Chi Minh City. Smart storytelling to increase relationships, reach, and revenue. An urban, dynamic and cinematic video in the DNA of TikTok, Instagram and YouTube for travelers of a new generation.

Marriott International, Le Méridien, Sheraton, Renaissance Hotels

Executive Producer & Director
Richard Breitengraser

Producer & Fixer
Olivia Rudnitzky, Andy Nguyen

Tamain Zuch, Cory Martin, David Zamut

Urban Destination Marketing Campaign focussed on Generation Z (Director’s Cut)

© Min – Trên Tình Bạn Dưới Tình Yêu

The Inside Story

The Soul of Saigon.

Next Level Destination Marketing

Project Approach

How do you reach millions of potential travelers of a new generation (Gen Z) in an authentic and emotional way, and how do you retain them for life?

You don’t design destination marketing like the next ordinary travel guide, with tons of glossy pictures, but with smart storytelling. An authentic story with two successful TikTokers. You let the protagonists actually discover the city, without much direction, real and authentic. The story is underlined by one of the most successful Vietnamese teen pop songs with more than 200 million clicks. The video itself is then edited in a mixture of modern travel content and a music video. The look & feel is exactly what the target group in social media is used to. Ready is the guarantee for success.

  • Destination marketing as storytelling
  • Feels natural through smart integration
  • Involvement of high-reach protagonist
  • Music as multiplier
  • No overstaging

With this strategy, the campaign has a very high reach & share potential. On the one hand, the influencers and their community share it. The successful Vietnamese pop song not only underlines the DNA of the destination, but the fans and viewers who love the song will also share the video, because the video is not obviously perceived as destination marketing.

And in the end, we want to make Ho Chi Minh City the first go-to destination in Southeast Asia. Because young tourists will never forget their first time in Asia. Ultimately, we even create and increase the customer lifetime value.

Creative Approach

In love with Saigon

We use the love story of two influencers to create a video with maximum share potential, using the destination as a natural backdrop. We want to establish Ho Chi Minh City as the new go-to destination for first-time travelers to Asia. Destination marketing as a modern mix of music and travel video.

Project Scope

Concept to Content.

VOID™ VOYAGE creates and produces modern travel content & campaigns for all screens. For this destination marketing campaign for Marriott International, Le Méridien, Sheraton and Renaissance Hotels, we created more than 80 content assets. These included various hero videos, hero images and social media cutdowns for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & Co.

Our Services
Concept, Strategy, Creative, Content Creation, Production, Location & Talent Scouting

What is your story ?

Let’s do epic #GoosebumpsContent together. We create powerful visual bombs and tell your story. Modern, authentic and on a world-class cinematic level. We work closely with you to develop your video, content, storytelling and campaign strategy. We produce engaging and converting videos tailored to your target audience and channels. We’re your strategic sparring partner and creative speedboat. Ready to take off?

This is Langkawi