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About Us
VOID™ VOYAGE is a multi award-winning travel content studio. We work for leading Airlines and Hotels, Tourism Boards and Governments, Brands, Platforms and Broadcasters.

No Buzzword Bingo. No Bullshit.

We are creatives, strategists, filmmakers and former TV executives who follow our passion. We are driven by an everlasting dedication to authentic storytelling. We believe in cinematic craftsmanship and the power of visual aesthetics. We are enthusiasts. We love and live what we do. For us, every project is a pet project.

reach per year

+500 Million

videos per year


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what we do

what the hell are you guys actually doing?
  • Creative content marketing solutions to drive reach, relevance & revenue for the travel & tourism sector
  • Strategy, creation and production of brand, marketing and destination marketing campaigns & videos for airlines, hotels and tourism boards
  • Development & production of award-winning branded storytelling content (cinematic series, social & digital videos, global and local campaigns)
  • Hotels (awareness, marketing and brand videos, content & campaigns, openings- & property videos, special events/promotions)
  • Airlines (brand, marketing, destination marketing campaigns and videos, storytelling content, in-flight entertainment)
  • Tourism Boards (development of global strategies, local/international campaigns, creation and production of world-class cinematic video & photo content for all niches and target groups.)

we call it goosebumps content

It’s all about emotions

No impact, no effect. That’s why we believe moving images must move. Each of us watches an average of 100 minutes of video content across all channels and screens – every day. To reach the viewer with your message, you need to touch them emotionally somehow. Make them laugh, cry or think. The videos that are talked about the most and remembered years later are the ones with a powerful & emotional story. Creating exactly these WOW moments is our passion. We believe in videos & values. We believe that empathy wins. We always look for the G(oosebumps)-spot in every story.


concept to content

From strategy to execution

It’s not about ideas. There are millions of ideas out there. It’s about developing a customized strategy, concept, and creative approach that is as unique as human DNA. The challenge is to generate content and campaigns from these strategies that, despite extensive research and strategic thinking, feel natural and are entertaining and authentic for the viewer. We are nerds; for us strategy is always at the center. It is the foundation for any creation and content guardrail.

Make magic

To turn strategy into magic, we work with a global creative community. A network of directors, producers, hungry storytellers, content creators, and influencers, including some of the world’s leading and most influential filmmakers (OSCARS®, EMMYS®, Cannes Lions®). We also work in a fundamentally different way; there’s nothing off-the-shelf with us. For each project, we assemble a completely new creative, strategy and production team, tailored to the very specific challenges of each project. This is how we ensure that the absolute best result is always guaranteed. We don’t work with hierarchies or large overheads. As a result, 80-90% of the budget goes directly into creation and production, not administration.

100% satisfaction guarantee

we are there. everywhere.

All Screen Media

Every second, 1 million minutes of video content are streamed. The transitions are smooth – YouTube and Netflix on the MacBook, Hulu, Prime or Disney+ on the tablet, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest on the iPhone or videos on screens in the subway. If you play out the same content on all channels, in most cases you might as well just throw the budget out the window. The right channel and media strategy is the key to success. The best campaign, the strongest visual language and the most emotional storytelling are useless if they miss the target group. That’s why we believe in a fragmented all-screen media strategy. Because neither do your grandmother care about puking monkeys at the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan nor does 11-year-old Joel care about how to make the perfect French Quiche Lorraine.

Clients & Soulmates

We work for leading airlines and hotel companies, tourism boards, and governments and we create content for platforms and brands.

Thanks for your trust. We love you like our grandma.

What is your story ?

Let’s do epic #GoosebumpsContent together. We create powerful visual bombs and tell your story. Modern, authentic, and on a world-class cinematic level. We work closely with you to develop your video, content, storytelling, and campaign strategy. We produce engaging and converting videos tailored to your target audience and channels. We’re your strategic sparring partner and creative speedboat. Ready to take off?

This is Phuket