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award-winning destination storytelling
And just like that ...

Next Level Destination Marketing

Who better to tell about the fascination of a destination than someone who came as a traveler and ended up finding a place that changed his life?

That’s the approach of this multi-award-winning destination storytelling series. Tthe focus is on people who were brought to certain places by a job, a trip or a coincidence. And entirely unexpectedly, that place did something to them. They fell in love with the soul, the culture, the people of the place in such a way that it suddenly changed their lives.

And just like that, an unknown place became a life-changing place.

The strength of this content marketing format is the authenticity and the honest connection between personality and destination. This creates credibility and trust. The brand thus becomes an enabler of priceless memories and moments that can change an entire life forever, without being perceived as advertising.

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